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Since September 2020 I have been running the mum and baby classes at MSquared Fitness known as MumWOD. They are classes designed for mums at every stage postnatally and babies are welcome too. The classes are different every session but always include a warm up, a strength or skill section and then a workout. The classes are suitable for anyone and everyone no matter what their previous or current fitness ability. I can accommodate exercises for any issue, whether it is pelvic floor complications, prolapse, diastisis recti or any other musculoskeletal injury (knee pain/ wrist pain/ hip pain etc).

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Why MumWOD?

Before I had children I was very active, and I found getting back into exercise was hard; not only because I had a child or two to look after, but also because my body didn't feel like my own. I felt like I had a mountain to climb! And I had no time to climb it because I had little people who needed lots of attention.

 I found CrossFit after my second baby, but didn't really pay any attention to postnatal considerations- if only I had known then what I know now! I also went to the usual mum and baby exercise classes, which I found useful for a time, but there was a gap between those and actually being able to push my body harder within an environment where I felt safe. So I felt like I was on my own and muddling through with not much guidance. And to be fair it worked, but I would have liked some support as a mum trying to navigate returning to fitness.

I was lucky enough to do my postnatal coaching qualification (lockdown was useful for something!) and then take over the mum and baby classes at MSquared Fitness. And I decided to use these classes to build that bridge that I needed when I was returning to exercise. 

The classes are designed to be tailored to you and your needs- whether you are a brand new mum and want to start moving gently again, or maybe you're ready to start pushing yourself a bit more and lifting heavier and moving faster. I programme CrossFit style workouts, mainly using dumbbells or kettlebells, but occasionally a barbell and sometimes no weights. It's always a good mix of cardio and strength aimed at building your strength and stamina- because as mums we need it! And you will also get that lovely endorphin hit which can help lift you up after even the worse nights!

I am there to help guide you, maybe gently push you, and you will be supported by all of the other wonderful mums in every class, and watched by your beautiful babies.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and we are part of your village

When and where?

Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 10.45am- 11.45am

at MSquared Fitness, Leestone Road, Sharstone

Babies are welcome, as are children up to any age, but please be aware they are your responsibility to keep an eye on during class. You also don't have to bring your baby to class if you are lucky enough to have some available childcare.


For more information about these classes, or if you have any questions please email me, or find me on Facebook or instagram


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