Whether you've got an injury, are recovering from an injury, or have a niggle, you will have a comprehensive physiotherapy assessment, including in-depth information gathering about your problem, and a detailed objective assessment including manual tests and movements. Subsequently we will work together to create an appropriate treatment plan to achieve your goals. This can consist of manual therapy, exercise therapy, and functional movements, and often includes a home exercise programme.

I offer a 45 minute initial assessment and 30 minute follow up appointments. 

What I treat:

  • Shoulder injuries and upper limb disorders

  • Sports and soft tissue injuries

  • CrossFit injuries

  • Weightlifting injuries

  • Triathlon related injuries

  • Endurance sports related injuries

  • Neck and back pain

  • Hip, knee and ankle pain

  • Repetitive strain and overuse injuries
  • Chronic Pain

If you think you may benefit from physiotherapy but don't identify with anything on the list please get in contact​


Sports massage can help anyone as it has many benefits including increased levels of relaxation, reduced physical and psychological stress levels, increased flexibility, decreased muscle stiffness and post exercise muscle soreness, and improved circulation.
Sports massage is a great way to treat muscle injuries and pain. It can also help reduce your recovery time after injury. If you regularly participate in sport or exercise, then adding sports massage into your routine can help improve performance as well as help prevent injuries. I like to include sports massage as an adjunct to exercise and rehabilitation, however I don't believe that it is something you should rely on to keep you healthy and exercising.
If you feel you might benefit from sports massage but aren't sure, please get in contact for further information.
Sports massages are 30mins or 60mins.
Gift vouchers are also available.


The APPI Pilates method aims to create a strong foundation (known as your core), and working with your breath uses set exercises to build up your strength, flexibility and endurance. It improves body awareness, general fitness and wellbeing, and can improve posture, reduce pain and help prevent injury. Sometimes we will use equipment to vary exercises, including soft balls, small weights, balance pads, exercise bands and the Pilates wheel.
It is suitable for everyone, from beginner to expert, as all of the exercises can be tailored specifically to you and progressed at your own pace.
I currently offer 1:1 hour long sessions, the first of which will involve a half hour assessment so we can create you an individually tailored Pilates programme. Subsequent sessions can either be an hour or 30 minutes.
Offers on block bookings are also available.
Do you have a small group of friends who would all like to try Pilates? I also offer group Pilates of up to 5 people at a reduced rate per person. You don't all have to be the same level as I can easily tailor programmes within a group.


Having a baby is an incredible journey and a major life event. Pregnant and postnatal women go through constant changes and might not feel like themselves, and every woman's journey is different. It can also feel like an uncertain period of your life due to the lack of advice about exercising safely and staying healthy during pregnancy and postnatally. 
I aim to create a safe and supportive environment for you to exercise in, providing appropriate advice and information for whatever stage you are at in your journey. If you are pregnant and want to stay active but would like the support of a friendly fitness professional then I can help. If you have had your baby and want to get back to exercise, or start exercising, but you don't know what to do safely, then I can help. 
If you have or suspect you have any common pre and postnatal musculoskeletal concerns, such as pelvic floor dysfunction (often presenting as leaking), prolapse, diastisis recti (tummy gap) or pelvic pain I can help you exercise safely. I do advise, however,  that you seek help from a specialist women's or pelvic health physiotherapist, and I will happily work with them to provide you with the best coaching possible.
If you would like more information please get in contact.
I also coach the Mum and Baby CrossFit class at MSquared Fitness. Please get in touch if you would like to find out about these classes.


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Bethan Egerton

After having my two children it took me a while to get back into fitness and sport. I started doing CrossFit and quickly fell in love with it. Although it was helping me with strength and cardio I knew deep down that I needed to address my core as it was holding me back from achieving my goals. Having had a C Section I knew that my core was weak but I wasn’t sure how to address this. I contacted Emma and after an initial consultation (over zoom) she suggested a four week core strengthening programme that she designed specifically for me. Emma knew exactly what I needed and how to help me. Who knew 10 minutes a day would make such a difference! It has helped with everything I do. My movements have become cleaner and I feel more in control and even my posture has improved. I highly recommend Emma. She is so knowledgeable and makes you feel completely within your comfort zone while giving you the treatment you need. Friendly, helpful advice that works.