My name's Emma Hill and I qualified as a physiotherapist from Nottingham University in 2008 and have worked in a variety of different areas since then, including musculoskeletal outpatients, respiratory, orthopaedics and paediatrics. I've spent the last 10 years working as a community paediatric physiotherapist in the NHS, with some musculoskeletal and sports physio on the side. Lockdown has taught me to follow my dreams and I'm excited to bring a new physiotherapy, massage, pilates and exercise coaching service into the world.

Following completion of the three APPI Pilates Matwork courses I began teaching Pilates for individuals and Pilates specific for CrossFit via Zoom during lockdown, and then in person when restrictions allowed. I believe that Pilates can benefit everyone and am passionate about making it accessible and relevant to as many people as possible. I love the APPI method, but I also like adapt exercises and add in my own to help make classes more varied and person-specific.

I have two young children and after having my second I was disappointed with the lack of information about postnatal exercise, and found it difficult to find postnatal specific exercise classes. I have since completed the Girls Gone Strong Pre and Postnatal Coaching Certification, Anthony Lo's "The Female Athlete" course, and a further course on diastsis recti. I am passionate about helping pregnant and postnatal women stay active, and giving them the advice and information I wish I had had so that they can have a positive exercise journey. I can help you exercise safely during your pregnancy, whether you've never exercised before and want to get started, or you want to stay as active as you can. I can also help you after you've had your baby, working with any postnatal considerations that you may have, such as pelvic floor symptoms or diastisis recti (tummy gap). I currently coach the Mum and Baby CrossFit class at MSquared Fitness.

I used to play a lot of hockey, and then moved into triathlon and have completed 4 Ironman triathlons and 3 half Ironman triathlons, and more recently (after my second child) I have found CrossFit. I operate out of a therapy room at my CrossFit gym, M Squared Fitness, which gives us access to a fantastic gym to help with your rehabilitation or exercise journey. My experience with CrossFit also means I understand those technical lifts and gymnastic moves, so we can rehab you back to full (Cross)fitness together! And I've recently completed the Burgener Weightlifting Level 1 Course. I also have experience in endurance sport related injuries and love to work with athletes to keep them working towards their goals of long distance events, whether its running, cycling, swimming or triathlon. I can also do 1:1 or small group Pilates sessions in your home, and I enjoy adding variety to any rehab programme by including variations of Pilates movements.

I love exercise and think it's important for everyone, whatever your level may be and I want to keep you moving. Often you don't need to stop exercising, you just need to do something different. Please get in touch for any appointments, or with any questions you may have. I'm excited to meet you and keep you moving!



  • BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy, University of Nottingham 2008

  • CrossFit L1

  • APPI Pilates Matwork 1, 2 and 3

  • Girls Gone Strong Pre and Postnatal Coaching Certification 2020

  • Anthony Lo "The Female Athlete"

  • Absolute Physio "Diastisis Revolution"

  • Burgener Weightlifting Coach Level 1

  • Member of CSP, HCPC and Physio First

  • Fully insured