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Why MoveWell?

Over lockdown I had plenty of thinking time about what I want from my career and my day to day job. I’ve always wanted to help people and having been a physio for 12 years I have done a lot of this, but I wanted to help people in more ways than just physiotherapy.

Being trained in Pilates I really wanted to teach people because I love it and I think it’s great for anyone and everyone. Luckily my fantastic gym, M Squared Fitness, gave me that opportunity and I started teaching CrossFit specific Pilates over Zoom. I also started teaching some 1:1 Pilates sessions and putting together some YouTube videos. I had quite a few people asking for physio advice over lockdown- lots of people with time on their hands who like to exercise, so injuries were bound to happen! And I had plenty of time during lockdown to finish my pre and postnatal coaching qualifications in preparation for taking over the MumWOD postnatal exercise classes at my gym post lockdown.

But the question I had was, how do I fit all of this in? I knew I wanted my job to consist of physio, pilates and pre and postnatal exercise coaching, but how did I make it all fit together? And that’s how MoveWell happened!

I want to provide excellent care at affordable prices.

I want to provide a holistic approach to training and rehabilitation.

I want to provide a friendly, safe and professional environment putting you first.

I want to make Pilates accessible to everyone so everyone can see the benefits.

But most of all, I want to keep you moving.

Changing my job and going to self-employed is scary, and a very brave thing for me, but sometimes you’ve just got to do it. It’ll be a big learning experience for me but as long as I can keep helping people I’ll be happy.

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